NIPA Cloud Space

High-performance, secure, and scalable local public cloud for any workloads and applications, with prompt support from Thai staff.

Why NIPA Cloud Space?

NIPA Cloud Space is a high-performance and secure local public cloud that can be scaled to suit your workloads or applications. We also provide multiple Availability Zones for high availability and Thai staff that is available 24/7 to support.

Less Cost with
Pay-As-You-Go Billing

Reduce unnecessary cost with the pay-as-you-go pricing model. The fees are charged based on the actual hour used. Accordingly, no resources are wasted and more cost is saved.

Outstanding Performance

2nd and 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ (ROME) Processor

Unlock the exceptional computing power with the higher performance per core from the 2nd and 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ (ROME) processors that is used for the entire cluster. As a benefit of using AMD processors, NIPA Cloud Space is additionally protected by AMD Infinity Guard, which helps protect your data from any attacks, prevents downtime, and reduces resource use.

Explore how NIPA Cloud Space offers superior vCPU performance at a lower cost than other global clouds.

Juniper Network Switch

By utilizing Juniper Network Switch, the latest networking technology that helps increase bandwidth and supports multiple Availability Zones (AZs), each AZ is connected by an MPLS link. The seamless connection between AZs is enabled by Tungsten Fabric.

Fabric Network by Tungsten Fabric

Tungsten Fabric provides a centralized control plane with high performance and data transmission speed. In addition, many different connections are supported, including VPC Direct Connect, VPN, MPLS, and SD-WAN, to support various use cases such as Edge Cloud, Multi Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud.

NVMe Storage

NIPA Cloud Space provides the various storages including the NVMe storage that is available for our block storage. NVMe storage offers the high-performance SSDs with 1 million IOPs and less power consumption for more efficient transport of data between storage systems and servers.

400 Gbps Backbone Network

Total internal bandwidth up to 400 Gbps allows users to transfer data faster and help reduce delay problems. The connectivity of 5G and IoT technologies are also supported.

Greater Stability & Security

Multiple Availability Zones

There are 2 Availability Zones located in the central region, Bangkok and Nonthaburi, for the purpose of stability and High Availability (HA). In addition, we aim to expand to other regions across Thailand in the near future.

DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection can secure your websites, applications, and the entire networks from various types of threats, especially DDoS attack on layers 3. Moreover, it does not compromise the performance of normal traffic.

Two-Factor Authentication Support

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an additional layer of security that is used when logging into NIPA Cloud Space in order to prevent phishing attacks and keep your account secure.

Multi-User Collaboration Support

Multi-tenancy allows each project to use resources separately on the same hardware. As a result, each team can use different resources for their own project and control access by assigning roles such as project owner, biller, or resource admin. The UI is designed to be user-friendly and suitable for corporate users who typically manage a large number of projects.

Global Standards Accepted

NIPA Cloud Space has achieved 4 global standards of public cloud computing with multi-site infrastructure to support High Availability (HA) solution.

ISO 20000ISO 27001ISO 29110CSA STAR

Customer-Centric Design
for Better Experience

We has a dedicated UX/UI team that has been consistently doing user research and developing the system design to ensure that all users receive the best experience while using our platform. NIPA Cloud Space portal has been designed with an emphasis on user-friendliness and aesthetic interface.

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