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Block Storage


What is it ?

NIPA cloud provides Volume and Object Storage with high performance, reliable and scalable storage. Users can migrate or resize instances with nearly no downtime because of 100% volume base storage. NIPA Cloud use Ceph as a software defined storage to enable many features and more security.

Ceph is an open source software defined storage designed for redundancy and maintain high performance, low latency with no downtime. Ceph is built to scale seamlessly as data grows exponentially with automatically manages storage cluster to keep your data safe with reasonable cost.


Why NIPA’s storage

1 million IOPs available

NIPA Cloud team optimize Ceph with NVMe to enable Highest IOPs more than 1 million IOPS available in an entire cluster.

Ceph storage technology

With Ceph storage adaptability, NIPA cloud ready to support all your applications and can prevent data loss while replicate data multiple times.

Reasonable storage spend

Optimize your cost with managed service storage based on how frequently and quickly you need to access your data.

Storage TypeStorage Type

Block Storage

Block storage will attach to instance as instance’s storage drive with high performance and high number of IOPs. Volume storage is store data on hardware that is separated from instance and replicates multiple times across different racks to reducing chances of data loss from hardware failure. Incremental backup also help you save more cost for backup size.

NIPA Cloud provides multiple volume storage types to support various of scenarios and flexible to cost and performance efficiency base on your requirements.

These volume types are categorized into 3 types:


Hard disk drive with affordable prices and performance. Designed for low-speed data read and write operations including cold storage, small/medium-scale dev & testing, Web server logs and office applications.


Solid-state drive with high-speed data read and write operations. Designed for high IOPs workload including frequently accessed workload, hot or warm storage and more.


Premium performance with ultra-low latency, highest speed, and highest OPs available. Designed for high performance computing, IOPs and Throughput intensive workload, Data warehouses, and large database.



User can create volume storage with various of sources and estimateed price will be displayed base on size selected.


Snapshot volume storage to support data backup and system recovery for prevent data losses.


Extend the volume storage to store more data on demand.


User can attach or detach volume storage to the instance as user request.


Users can transfer volume storage to another project within a minute.

Object Storage

Object storage is designed for unstructured data and meta data workload. All data store in bucket and support for multiple users. Suitable for Backup and recovery, Storage of large data sets and Unstructured data archiving such as multimedia files.

Features Supported

Bucket Policy

Control and management for privacy policy for read and write in bucket.

ACL Management

Access Control List for permission and access management.

Object Versioning

History of versioning allow user to can restore data without separate copies.

S3 API & Client Compatible/Detach

Support other cloud provider’s API

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