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Volume Storage

High-performance volume storage that can be flexibly resized to meet your application requirements and budget.

Volume storage provides storage space for an instance. It is a 100% volume-based cluster, allowing you to scale up or down the instance flexibly with nearly no downtime. There is data replication multiple times to prevent data loss. Furthermore, our storage uses Ceph as a software-defined storage to enable flexibility, efficiency, and faster scalability.

1 Million IOPs with NVMe Storage

1 Million IOPs with NVMe Storage

We provides the NVMe storage that offers high-performance SSDs with 1 million IOPs and less power consumption. Therefore, the storage can deliver excellent performance with low latency and no downtime.

Reasonable Price Up To Usage

Reasonable Price Up To Usage

You can optimize your cost through the storage management service. The pricing is based on the frequency and speed you require to access your data.



The volume can be scaled up as desired without detaching from an instance, causing no downtime.

Snapshot and Backup

You can create a snapshot for data backup and system recovery to prevent data loss. It is easier to optimize cost due to the incremental backup.

Transfer to Another Project

The volume can be transfered to another project.

Performance Types

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Hard Disk Drive with affordable price, designed for low-speed data read and write operations, such as cold storage, small/medium-scale dev & testing, web server logs, and office applications.



Solid State Drive with high-speed data read and write operations, designed for high IOPs workload, such as frequently accessed workload, hot or warm storage, and more.



Premium Solid State Drive with ultra-low latency, highest speed, and highest IOP, designed for high performance computing, IOPs and throughput intensive workload, data warehouses, and large database.

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