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What is it ?

NIPA Cloud provides secure, reliable, and high-speed networks based on international standards. With 400 Gbps internal network backbone to ensure that your instances can transfer data speedily, managed and controlled as your desired.


What’s new

Multi-site Infrastructure

NIPA Cloud provides 2 Availability Zones in Thailand including Bangkok and Nonthaburi, ready to support High Availability and Disaster Recovery solutions. With backbone link across 2 sites allow you to transmit your data with faster!

Fabric Networking

Tungsten Fabric Networking, the most popular Software Defined Network, will allow building fabric networking for our NIPA Cloud Space which can be powerfully managed from centralized location and transfer data as if it were in the same site.

Enterprise-grade Hardware

With Juniper network switch, we can support both Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs to control and distribute traffic while reducing bottlenecks. Additionally, we are able to provide higher throughput, scalability, capacity, performance, and security network.

400 Gbps Backbone Network

We enhanced our performance network with increase internal Bandwidth link to 400 Gbps Backbone Network. To ensure that your instances can transfer data with highest speed, more reliable, can be managed and controlled as your desired.

Available Features

VPC Network

You can easily customize the network configuration for your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). You can leverage multiple layers of security including security groups and authorization to help control the access to NIPA Cloud’s instances.


NIPA Cloud provides Cloudflare CDN for ultra-fast content delivery both Static and Dynamic Content over a global edge network. Especially, with 6 POPs in Thailand will make your website 2-3 times faster than before.

External IP

External IPs are publicly-accessible static IP addresses that you can assign to your instances.


We integrating our platform with Cloudflare DNS to provide DNS as a Service, we make it easier and more convenient for you to use and manage DNS serviecs.

Load Balancer

Our Load Balancer as a Service will automatically distribute incoming traffic across multiple targets within the same or across Availability Zones (AZs) as you desired.


You can use the router to enable communication between multiple instances with different subnets to communicate across virtual networks.

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