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Company / Trust & Security

Trust & Security


NIPA Cloud provides services under certified according to international standards. Vulnerabilities of a standard are checked on a regular basis. In the backend system, Web Application Firewall and Endpoint Anti Virus were implemented to detect intrusion and protect against external threats in particular.

We allow you to control and manage the security on demand to access your projects and Auto Backup to prevent data loss in the event of an unexpected event Including 24/7 security service ensures that your data is as safe as possible when using the NIPA Cloud service.

Global Standard

NIPA Cloud provides services with a global safety standard and internationally accepted.

ISO 20000
ISO 20000
ISO 27001
ISO 27001
ISO 29110
ISO 29110


NIPA Cloud has a large team of professionals who have received accreditation from leading institutes including OpenStack.

Certified Openstack
Certified Kubernetes


The various achievements that NIPA Cloud has achieved in developing and delivering high quality and well-established products.

Award 2020
Award 2019

Security Partner

NIPA Cloud focus on data security as a top priority. Therefore, we have partnered with the world's leading security technology companies to deliver products and services that allow you to worry free when using NIPA Cloud services.



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