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Optimize IT cost faster with the power of NIPA Cloud

NIPA Cloud offers a cloud consulting and cloud transformation service to help you determine the best cloud solution for your business, whether it is public, private or hybrid cloud. We provide and manage cloud assessments, technology solutions, and strategies that deliver maximum performance with minimum risks and costs.

We cover everything from customer touchpoints, customer experience and service performance, to process evaluations and key performance indicator (KPI) tracking. Our experts are prepared to assist you in improving performance and minimizing IT resource demands, resulting in increasing efficiency, reducing costs and time-to-market. This will ensure that you are investing in the right cloud technology, get the best operational results, and have a well-designed security architecture framework.

What you will get?

Strategic planning

from experienced cloud experts

Faster deployment

Less downtime

IT support

Cost optimization


Security advice

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Our cloud transformation consulting domains

Among our many services, we offer consulting in the following three areas of cloud transformation.

Cloud Technology Transformation

Cloud Technology Transformation

Define a cloud strategy, perform a technology assessment and implement a roadmap for managing risks.

Cloud Operation Transformation

Cloud Operation Transformation

Develop a future mode of operations powered by Al and automation that is also secure.

Cloud Security Transformation

Cloud Security Transformation

Bring a systematic approach to defining and launching cloud security architectures to prevent any data loss/leakage, accidental exposure of credentials and breach in data privacy/confidentiality.

What we can help with your business

Cloud Migration Assessment and Plan

Plan a cloud migration and select the right cloud deployment model to align with your business goals.

Cloud Adoption Strategy

Phase-wise planning, potential problem analysis, periodical examination

Infrastructure consolidation assessment

Find the best solution to reduce material waste and gaining better innovations.

Cost Optimization

Help optimize cloud workloads and rightsizing cloud resources to reduce unnecessary expenses.

Cloud Automation

Achieve CI/CD workflow to deploy your software faster and more efficiently. Automation makes processes predictable and repeatable so that there is less opportunity for error from human intervention.

Sophisticated Roadmap Strategies

Create cloud-first and Al transformation initiatives.

Choose our cloud strategy consulting & transformation for the better future of your business

  • Develop a robust, future-proof cloud technology strategy aligned with your business goals.

  • Create a roadmap for cloud migration of both legacy and visualized workloads.

  • Automate cloud operations for efficiency and agility.

  • Secure the expanded perimeter, including cloud infrastructure outside your enterprise.

  • Develop, execute and monitor every phase of execution.