Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies?

NIPA Technology Co., Ltd. (which will be called "the Company") uses cookies to know the interests of "the Customer" and the popular parts of the Company's website. Cookies are small files of information that a web server generates and sends to a web browser or other devices that are connected to the internet. This helps you continually access the Company's website and services (which include cloud service providers from the Company). "The services of the Company" include all operations from NIPA.CLOUD, NIPA.CLOUD SPACE, NIPA.CLOUD PAAS, and all credit top-up transactions through the third-party Payment Gateway.

2. Advantages to Cookies

We can provide you with a better and more personalized experience of the website and web applications. For example, cookies can recognize your crucial information, which will make it easier for you to use the Company's website.

3. Types of cookies

3.1 Necessary or Essential Cookies. These cookies are necessary for a website to function properly. This includes cookies that allow you to access information and use it on our website. It is crucial that we support you in using our services.

3.2 Analytical/Performance Cookies. These cookies help us recognize and count the number of visits to the website as well as understand your browsing behavior to improve the website's functionality. They also gather statistical information about how you access and use the site to improve the website's performance. Furthermore, it helps the Company understand the user's interests and evaluate the advertising efficiency of the Company.

3.3 Functionality Cookies. These cookies allow websites to remember user preferences and activities on the site, such as usernames, region, language, and font size. The website can provide customized features such as local news stories and weather if you share your location.

3.4 Advertising Cookies. These cookies remember your preferences for accessing the website and use it as information to modify the page of the website in order to present advertisements that are most suitable for you. For example, preventing or limiting the frequency of repeat advertising can help you measure the ad's effectiveness.

4. Cookies settings

You can block the functionality of cookies by configuring your browser settings. If you would like more information on how to do so, please select the topic "Help" in your Internet browser to learn more. If you use different devices to view and access the website (e.g., computers, smartphones, and tablets), you will need to adjust the browser on each device to comply with your own Cookie Preferences. You can manage cookies in your browser by setting the following:

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Android browser:

Last modified: October 11, 2022