NIPA Drive

NIPA Drive is an online storage service to store a wide variety of data, allowing you to conveniently access your data from anywhere and on any device.

Faster Than Global Providers

Since our data centers are located in Thailand. NIPA Drive is surely faster than any global providers. For this reason, you do not have to worry about forwarding and retrieving data.

Unlimited Storage Size

You can store data with an unlimited bucket size as long as your package's capacity is not exceeded, and you can upgrade your package at any time to get extra space. In addition, NIPA Drive supports various file formats, including docx, odt, xls, PDF, html, and media files.

Ensure Your Privacy with PDPA Compliance

NIPA Drive strictly complies to the PDPA. You may rest assured that none of the data stored in NIPA Cloud's data center can be leaked outside the country or accessed without authorization.

Learn more about data sovereignty

User-Friendly Interface

NIPA Drive uses Nextcloud as a software to manage the interface. It is designed to be user-friendly that you can easily manage data and user roles as desired.


Real-time Collaboration

You can share ideas with your team in a form of files or documents by sharing a link or assigning to the targeted users.

SSO, LDAP and AD User Authentication Support

Our authentication request is handled by your AD or LDAP, so you can use your existing credentials to log in to NIPA Drive without registering a separate account.

Comprehensive Encryption

Secure your data with cutting-edge cryptographic methods and modular encryption architecture, ensuring the highest level of data privacy.



  • Storage space 100 GB/user

  • Support from NIPA Drive experts

  • Price 1,250 THB/user/year


  • Storage space 1 TB/user

  • Support from NIPA Drive experts

  • Price 2,250 THB/user/year


  • Storage space 2 TB/user

  • Support from NIPA Drive experts

  • Price 3,650 THB/user/year