NIPA Cloud Hybrid (NCH)

The combination of our public and private cloud.


NIPA Cloud Hybrid (NCH) is a unique NIPA Cloud offering, that effectively combines public and private clouds: NIPA Cloud Space and NIPA Cloud Enterprise.

Instead of deploying your private cloud on your own customer premise, co-locate it at a NIPA Cloud data center and combine the value of private cloud with the NIPA Cloud Space public cloud, using NIPA Cloud Portal to manage both systems.


NCH Structure

Own your base workload and burst dynamic workloads onto our public cloud, allowing cost optimization. 24x7 mission critical workloads run on your own private cloud, while desktop, build/test, and other intermittent workloads run on public cloud, paying only for as much as you use. This is called “own the base, rent the spike”.


Own the Base, Rent the Spike

  • By combining the best of “owner economics” and “renter economics”, you are one of the elite cloud users. Smart cloud users know that it isn’t an either/or proposition, but one of matching the right workloads to the right systems. By doing this you get the best economics overall.

Security, Privacy, and Sovereignty

  • Your private cloud still resides in a hardened, controlled, environment in NIPA data centers.
  • NIPA Technology has tier-1 certifications for IT, security, and data center management, operates a 24x7 NOC that can provide remote hands capability, and optionally can provide fully managed services for your private cloud.
  • You can maintain the same level of assurance that you presently receive with your virtualization platforms in your own data centers in our data center, while combining your private cloud capacity with our public cloud capacity.

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