NIPA Cloud Space (NCS)

Public cloud to deliver virtual machines and containers on-demand.


NIPA Cloud Space (NCS) is a public cloud that provides compute, storage, and networking to deliver virtual machines and containers on-demand. It is designed for Cloud Native applications and legacy workloads.

NCS is managed through the NIPA Cloud Portal, an easy-to-use web interface. NIPA Cloud Portal manages NCS allowing you to describe and easily deploy VMs or containers with right-sized configurations of CPU, RAM, storage, and networking.


NCS services

In addition, NIPA Cloud Portal manages the additional value added cloud services that NIPA Cloud provides such as SQL database, Kubernetes Cluster, and Object Storage (S3).

For more details, visit the NCS pricing page.

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Modern Hardware

Automated Backups

Multiple Availability Zones

DDoS Protection

Two-Factor Authentication Support

Modern Hardware

  • Block storage uses NVMe drivers that provide superior storage performance and ultra low latency for all applications.
  • AMD EPYC processors with DDR5 memory, designed four cloud providers, provide best in class CPU and memory performance any workload.

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