Flexibly choose distribution image or import your own to launch instance.

Image is containing software configuration such as operating system, application server and applications that is required to launch your instance. We allow you to either import your own disk image and share with other projects or flexibly select an image that is provided by NIPA Cloud.

Distribution Image Provided

Distribution Image Provided

We provide a variety of distribution image, including pre-installed Operating Systems that have been well optimized by our experts and are always up-to-date for the simplest installation.

Import Your Own Image

Import Your Own Image

You can either import your custom image or migrate from your on-premise or another cloud to launch your instance and share with other projects on NIPA Cloud Space.


Replicated on Every AZ

Your image will be replicated and stored in every Availability Zone (AZ) so that it can be launched rapidly and used to transfer data across AZs.

Automatically Use Docker Image Caching

Any distribution images and the images built from a distribution image are automatically enabled to use docker image caching feature. If other images need to use this feature, additional setting can be applied.

Learn how to setup Docker image caching

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