Secure and powerful instances to support your workloads and applications.

Instance is a virtual machine (VM) that consists of a combination of CPU, memory, and network capabilities. Typically, an instance is used to run website or applications. NIPA Cloud Space allows you to select the best combination of resources to meet your requirements and workloads.

High Computing Power

Dedicated CPU Thread

Dedicated CPU Thread for Exclusive Scenarios

The machine types with a dedicated CPU thread are available for selection. Therefore, there is no need to share resources with other users. You can utilize the CPU with maximum efficiency and stability.

2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ (ROME) Processors

2nd and 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ (ROME) Processor

Our instance is powered by the 2nd and 3rd Generation AMD EPYC™ (ROME) processor, which has with a high performance per core along a large L3 cache and 3200Mhz DDR 4 RAM to enable the low latency access of data.

Explore how NIPA Cloud Space offers superior vCPU performance at a lower cost than other global clouds.

Secure and Reliable Instances

Data Center with 99.9% SLA

Data Center with 99.9% SLA

As selecting the all purpose and compute intensive machine types, we provide the data centers that are available for any deployment with a guaranteed 99.9% service level agreement (SLA).

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AMD Infinity Guard

AMD Infinity Guard

As a benefit of using AMD processors, NIPA Cloud Space is additionally protected by AMD Infinity Guard, which help protect your data from cyber attacks, prevent downtime, and reduce resource use. Therefore, it can be ensured that your data on the instance is secure.


Easily Scale Up-Down Without Downtime

Our instances are available for scaling up or down with nearly no downtime. This is advantageous to your company in terms of cost efficiency and prevents any loss from stopping or restarting instances while scaling.

Resource Monitoring Graph Provided

To assist you plan resource usage for your project, we provide a resource monitoring graph that displays instance usage of CPU utillization, memory usage, network bits, network package, disk bytes, and disk operations.

Docker Image Caching Provided

Docker Image Caching is caching the images that were pulled by other instance. Reusing the exist cache image can help reduce Docker image build times.

Machine Types

Our instance has 3 machine types provided: All Purpose, Compute Intensive, and Shared-Core. As detailed below, you can select the machine type that best suits your application requirements and budget.

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All Purpose

All Purpose

The All Purpose instance provides a popular machine type with a balance of compute and memory resources.

Compute Intensive

Compute Intensive

Compute Intensive instance provides a high-performance processor.



The Shared-Core Instance allows you to select resources that best suit your workloads and applications with a reasonable price from using a shared CPU.

The All Purpose includes :

  • 4 GB of memory for each vCPU
  • Dedicated CPU thread
  • Dedicated memory for high stability and low latency
  • 10 Gbps / 10 Gbps network bandwidth (upload/download)*
  • 99.9% SLA

*The maximum bandwidth of an instance used in the VPC network, not the internet bandwidth.

Does this type suit you the best?

This machine type is designed flexible for all workloads and applications such as web servers, e-commerce sites, general or high-performance database, in-memory caches, or real-time big data analytics.

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