Network & Security

A virtual network that is used to connect between instance for your project security and management.

NIPA Cloud Space offers a secure, reliable, and high-speed virtual network that emulates a physical network to use on a cloud system. You can manage and control the network as desired with many features provided.

Increase Your Project Security

Increase Your Project Security

VPC network helps enhance privacy and security to your project since each network works separately and cannot communicate across projects, unless using an external IP. In addition, you can use VPC network to connect between instance without any external connection. For example, linking backend to database.

More Easily Migrate to Cloud

More Easily Migrate to Cloud

VPC network will emulate as a virtual network of the data center so that it will be easier to migrate your project to the cloud.

Security Groups Provided

Security Groups Provided

With security groups, a virtual firewall will be applied on your network, so you can control inbound and outbound traffic of your instances without consuming server resource.

How it works?

All instances in the same VPC network are able to communicate to each other by using internal IPs of each instance's port. In case that communication across VPC networks are required, there are 2 approaches available as follows:

  • 1. Through the internet: the process of NAT (Network Address Translation) translates the internal IPs into external IPs allowing your instance to communicate with an external network. NIPA Cloud Space uses the fabric network technology from Tungsten Fabric to function this method.

    (On the diagram, please see the arrow directing from instance-1 to instance-4 through the external network)

  • 2. Through the internal network: each instance can communicate across projects if the VPC network of each port has an interface that connects to a router. This method is free to use.

    (On the diagram, please see the arrow directing from instance-1 to instance-4 through the router)

The diagram of how a VPC network can communicate with another network.

Every instance's communication needs to operate through ports. For more security, you can install the security group at the ports in order to function as a firewall, blocking out unwanted traffic to keep your instance safer.


VPC Network

VPC network or Virtual Private Cloud network is a virtual network for your cloud-based resources and services. You can easily customize the network configuration for your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and leverage multiple layers of security, including security groups and authorization to control the access to NIPA Cloud’s instances.


Router is a module responsible for routing network packets across subnets, enabling instances to communicate across VPC network without connecting to external networks.

External IP

External IPs are publicly-accessible static IP addresses that can be used to connect to the private IP address of your instance. When an external IP is linked to an internal IP, it functions as NAT (Network Address Translation) to enable your instance or load balancer to connect to the internet.

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