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Solution for data backup system. We support file-level, VM-level, and database-level backup and aim to prevent data loss from any incidents and for disaster recovery.

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Currently, there appears to be an increase in the use of data in business and organization development, particularly to find the insight data needed to expand business opportunity or resolve business problems. In addition, the method of storing data also tends to shift from paper to electronic records.

The electronic record is vulnerable to data loss due to multiple factors, including storage failure, cyber attack, and other unanticipated incidents. If there is data leak or lost, it might cause damage to businesses.

That is why NIPA Cloud provides a backup solution to prevent and resolve the issue of data loss. We offer large amounts of data storage, a high-performance processor, establishment of a network system, a security system, and routine maintenance, as well as the design of custom systems that meet your needs. Having a reliable backup solution allows you to backup and recover your data in a secure and cost-effective approach. You can manage backups on multiple levels, including file, virtual machine, and database level.


1. Prevent Organization's Data Loss

Backup solution can help prevent data loss with the data backup and recovery system. You can select the backup level that best suits your needs: file level, VM level, database level.

File-Level Backup
File-level backup is the backup for all file types including folders. It is fast and flexible, suitable for document, photo, or video backup.

VM-Level Backup
VM-level backup is the backup for data on a virtual machine (VM) or instance. There are options to choose for data backup: full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, suitable for enterprise that use virtual machines.

Database-Level Backup
A database-level backup involves backing up a database's data. It can be performed as a full backup, an incremental backup, or a differential backup, making it suitable for enterprise use to prevent data loss from a database.

2. All data is protected in accordance with the PDPA.

You can rest assured that all of your backup data on our system will be protected and maintain the utmost level of confidentiality under the PADA compliance of Thailand. In addition, our company aims to offer services based on the concept of digital sovereignty. All of our data centers are located in Thailand, ensuring that your data is secure and unaffected by any foreign countries.

3. Consultation and execution by our experts

You will recieve advise from our expertised staff from the planning phase through system installation, and you can contact technical support at any time while using the service.

How The Backup Solution Works

Veeam backup and Replication is a well-known cloud-based backup and replication software that supports AD-servers, File-Servers, Applications, Databases, SMTP-Servers, and websites backup. NIPA Cloud staff will install Veeam on the user's site, establishing NIPA as a backup service provider. At the same time, we create an instance attached to a storage to store data, as depicted in the diagram below.

How backup solution works

NIPA Cloud backup can store data in the instance attached to both object storage and volume storage.

NIPA Cloud's Backup Solution Services

We use Veeam Backup and Replication as a backup sotfware. NIPA Cloud's backup solution has 3 options to choose: 2 Active-Standby and 1 Active-Active

DC-DR Solution (Active - Standby) Option 1

 Active-Standby Solution type 1 (DC-DR Solution)

The active-standby backup or DC-DR option 1 is to backs up data on a cloud server. Installing Veeam Backup manages the backup file and stores the data as a file. In case of the active site fails, user can boost the back up file on the standby site.

DC-DR Solution (Active - Standby) Option 2

 Active-Standby Solution type 2 (DC-DR Solution)

The active-standby backup or DC-DR option 2 is similar to the option 1. We install Veeam Backup to as a backup file on NIPA's Cloud to manage backup data. Then, we create an instance for the purpose of boosting the backup file without activating the instance. In case of the active site fails, it will take less time to boost the standby site.

Active - Active Solution

active - active backup solution

Active-active backup allocates half of a server's resource (specification) to the user's location and the other half to the availability zone of NIPA Cloud. We use Cloudflare DNS load balancer to increase stability (SLA) by contributing traffic. Therefore, if one site fails, another site can continue to operate consistently with no downtime. However, it may result in a decline in performance.

From planning to implementation, every member of the NIPA Cloud team is able to provide guidance and assistance with the installation of a backup system customized for your requirements.

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