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The word ‘DevOps’ is a combination of ‘Development’ and ‘Operations’, which means combination between development and IT operations teams to make software production and deployment with automation, collaboration, fast feedback, and iterative improvement.

Compared to the traditional software development and infrastructure management process, DevOps helps increase the efficiency, speed, and security of software development and delivery, resulting in a a competitive advantage for businesses.

NIPA Cloud offers DevOps solution designing architecture using NIPA Cloud's resource and DevOps approach from our experienced experts. We can help you deliver your application with high-speed, and more efficiency and consistency.

Our DevOps solution provides

  • Various tools: there are various tools to support the DevOps process such as pipeline, monitoring, alert, and logging with advice from our expert at every stage.
  • Reliability: support High Availability, failover, vertical scale, and multiple data centers.
  • Flexibility: be able to be scaled out or up as much as required from the cloud-based pay per use model.
  • No vendor lock-in: be able to move from one provider to others conveniently.
  • NIPA Cloud’s ecosystem: our expert responsible for all system installation, including CI/CD. All the systems are all on NIPA Cloud Space.
  • 24/7 monitoring from tier-1 NOC: we provide the support plan for the 24/7 monitoring and technical support from our system engineers.
Benefits of DevOps Solution

Available Features

  • Source Code Management (SCM): using GitLab server CE + GitLab Runner CE
  • K8S Cluster: Management platform for Kubernetes using Rancher
  • CICD: Gitlab CI + ArgoCD
  • Logging system: OpenSearch cluster + OpenSearch dashboard
  • Analytics & Alert & Monitoring solution: Grafana, Zabbix
  • VPN on cloud: VPN for access to data

NIPA Cloud's DevOps Solution Services

We have designed architectures of this solution to meet various requirement, which are Size S, Size M, and Size L, with the features and requirement as follow:

  • Integration with cloud services: object storage (S3), Cloudflare integration, and container registry (upcoming).
  • Network zones are divided and limited access by cloud firewall, VPN, and internal IP address.
  • Users can select the required environment, whether it be development, UAT, or production.
  • Be able to install a 3rd-party application or database in different environments.
  • Every size of the solution has DevOps controller to manage all environments, such as Gitlab (SCM), Opensearch (logging), Zabbix (monitor+ alert), Rancher (k8s orchestration)

Architectures of Each Size Option

Cloudflare Features Available for All Sizes

  1. API Gateway
  2. Global Load Balancer
  3. WAF
  4. DDos Protected
  5. CertManager (Letencrypted)
  6. Threat Intelligence

In case of having other requirements, please contact our staff to discuss the best solution for your business.

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