Disaster Recovery and Backup solution

Disaster Recovery & Backup (DRB)

Minimize downtime and reduce DR costs with fully automated and cost-efficient disaster recovery and cloud backup.

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NIPA Cloud provides both disaster recovery (DR) and backup solutions for protection against data loss or ransomware attacks. Our DR solution, based on Hystax Acura, allows setting up automated VM replication between any two sites, be they clouds or virtualization platforms.

Our solution provides the lowest RTO and RPO in the industry, you are guaranteed against catastrophic data failures. Our object storage service, NIPA Cloud Nebula, can be used as a target for automated or manual backups with Hystax Acura as well, allowing you to restore a VM to a given point-in-time restore in case of data loss or ransomware attacks.

How This Solution Works


Automatic Replication

Hystax Acura’s disaster recovery feature allows for near real-time replication of data from your primary site to your disaster recovery site. Only the data storage device is replicated until the event of a disaster, when you can cutover to the DR site in an automated fashion, dynamically booting up your replicated VMs with the appropriate attached storage. This allows for cost-optimizing your DR solution, paying only for the compute you need in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Since Hystax Acura can be configured for continuous replication, your data is at most a few minutes stale, providing some of the lowest RPO guarantees in the industry.

Automated Failover

Hystax Acura can be used to fully automate your failover process to the DR site, allowing for a smooth transition, reducing RTO to mere minutes. This process can be used to test your DR process on a regular basis, allowing a deterministic failover to DR and then a fail-back to your primary site after successfully testing.

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