Support Plan

NIPA Cloud privides a range of support obtions for different user needs. Explore the benefits of each plan and choose what best suits you.

Always prepared to assist you with 24/7 support and prompt response times.

Ready to support with any technical issues to ensure your best experience while using our service.

All supports are available for both Thai and English.

NIPA Supporter

Choose the plan that suit your needs



Recommended for developers and non-mission projects.

The free-of-charge plan included for all NIPA Cloud’s customer. The plan covers infrastructure support, backup and restore service, and guaranteed response times of less than 12 hrs.



Recommended for developers that have production workloads.

Covers all basic plan services, monitor & alert channel at OS level, and guaranteed response times of less than 6 hrs.



Recommended for businesses with critical workloads.

Covers all silver-plan services and guaranteed response times of less than 4 hrs.



Recommended for businesses with critical workloads and need IT support service.

Covers all gold-plan services, dedicated support, monitor & alert channel at application based level, application and operating system support, and guaranteed response times of less than 1 hr.

Benefits of The Support Plans

Dedicated support channel
Infrastructure support

E.g. VM stage, Network connection, Action log

Monitor & Alert channelOS based levelOS based levelApplication
based level
Ticket response time< 12 hrs< 6 hrs< 4 hrs< 1 hr
Application support
Operating system support
Security advisory
Backup & restore


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