NIPA Cloud focuses on elevating
cloud innovation to the forefront of Asia.


NIPA Cloud is born on the R&D concept right from the beginning with all Thai teams. We are now providing cloud solutions with open source software to help a business grow with innovation across Thailand as well as reduce the cost of cloud infrastructure.

Our products have met the ISO global standards and are ready to propel and elevate Thai companies with exceptional services and response times.


To be the forefront organization in innovation and ready to compete with the world in a new digital era.


We will be the leader in cloud infrastructure and cloud solution provider for all companies in Thailand and Southeast Asia region.

Core Values

Determine to achieve company success by focusing on exceptional support and services for each and every customer and thrive to continuous research and development.

“Investing in R&D is very hard to measure ROI. You have to keep your head down, work hard and be resilient. There is no shortcut.

Time is the only element to prove whether you will survive or excel in this environment. And hopefully, we will come out ahead of everybody.“

Dr. Abhisak Chulya

Founder & CEO

Dr. Abhisak Chulya

We've built the R&D department
to focus on our key technologies.

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Collaboration to innovate and deliver the best products

NIPA Cloud collaborates with leading technology organizations in various industries, including hardware, software, security and more to develop and delivery the best solutions and products.

Cloud Flare


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