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What is NIPA Cloud Space ?

NIPA Cloud Space is a high-performance and secure local public cloud that can be scaled to suit your workloads or applications. We also provide multiple Availability Zones for High Availability and Thai staff that is available 24/7 to support.

Global Standard

Achieved 3 global standards of public cloud computing with multiple site infrastructure to support High Availability (HA) solution.

ISO 20000ISO 27001ISO 29110

Better Performance

Experience the outstanding performance powered by 2nd Gen AMD EPYC™ (Rome) processor with dedicated processing power, fast connectivity from 100 Gbps internal bandwidth, and optimized BGP for better data transmission.

Various Solution

Empower more flexible, reliable, and secure cloud solutions with the Load Balancer as a Service (LBaaS), Object Storage, and DDoS Protected IP powered by Cloudflare Magic Transit™.

Highlighted Features


Multiple Availability Zones

to support high availability application


Dedicated CPU Machine Type

for the better performance of CPU-intensive workloads


Improve Memory Speed and Reduce Latency

to provide faster memory IO for memory-intensive workloads


VxLan and MP-BGP Backbone Network

for stability and scalability between VPC network


Network Max Speed 100 Gbps

for the higher speed of data transfer


Import Your Own Pre-Built Image

for easier migration with self-service imported images


Cloudflare DNS Integration

to be able to use Cloudflare features on NCS portal


Prevent DDoS Attacks by DDoS Protected IP

To leverage your project's security


How long is the trial duration ?

The trial duration depends on your project and agreement with the NIPA Cloud Space sales team but does not exceed 30 days.

What should I do if I need to integrate with the 3rd-party software that is not provided ?

We can help supply any licensed software. However, you have to manage non-licensed software on your own. Illegal softwares are not allowed.

What will happen after the 30-day trial ends ?

You can keep on your project by topping up or contacting the NIPA Cloud Space Sales team, or else resources in the project will be deleted within 14 days after the trial ended.

During the trial duration, what support will I get from the NIPA Cloud Space team ?

During the trial duration, we provide the basic support: infrastructure issues, web portal issues, credit & billing issues, 24/7 NOC support, and 8/5 engineering support.Learn More

How much credit will I get ?

The credit depends on the size of your project and agreement with the NIPA Cloud Space sales team.

If I would like to continue using NIPA Cloud Space after the free trial ends, what should I do ?

You can continue using NIPA Cloud Space by topping up the project wallet or contacting the NIPA Cloud Space Sales team for the promotion and annual discount.

Are there any other costs for the trial ?

There are no other costs for the trial. However, in case that you do not follow the agreement, there is a possibility that the trial duration might end earlier.

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First Month Free Trial

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