VMware migration

VMware Migration

Migration solution to migrate from VMware to cloud with professional support.

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Finding options to migrate from your VMware to the cloud?

NIPA Cloud provides several options for migrating from your existing expensive and proprietary virtualization systems such as VMware, whether you need to migration to a private cloud such as NIPA Cloud Enterprise, a public cloud such as NIPA Cloud Space or other open system.

As the sole distributor of Hystax Acura in Thailand, we provide the top V2V and cloud migration tool in the world along with our own 24x7 support to ensure a success of the migration, cost savings, and future-proofing for your private or public cloud.

Migrating VMware to cloud


Continuous Replication

Continuously replicate your VMs to the new destination cloud, resulting in minimizing downtime of the migration. Initial replication time is based on the total amount of data migrated. However, once the initial replication is done, Hystax Acura continues to replicate any new changes. Therefore, when you are ready to complete the migration, it is a simple 1-2-3 process:

  1. Shutdown your migrating VMs

  2. Final synchronization (usually in a few minutes)

  3. Startup your migrated VMs on the target cloud

Migration Plans

It is easier to migrate your VMs to a new platform. With Hystax Acura you can group your VMs into “migration plans”, enabling you to define a set of VMs that constitute a single application. These VMs are synchronized and migrated together as a group, which allows minimizing application downtime, creation of more sophisticated migration planning, and the ability to move a single application at one time.

Hypervisor & Cloud Agnosticism

You can re-platform your virtual machines from your existing VMware platform to any other cloud or hypervisor with a single click. By switching from an expensive, lock-in hypervisor such as VMware’s ESXi, you can easily reduce costs and move to an open cloud.

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