NIPA Cloud Space Pricing

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Pricing Rates


Object Storage

Object storage with high performance and scalability for the internet storage systems. Any unstructured data can be stored and retrieved from anywhere. Pricing for the object storage is calculated from storage usage (THB/GB), the number of requests, and data transfer usage (THB/GiB).

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Bucket (Storage Size)

The volume of data that is stored in a bucket. The tiered pricing will be recalculated monthly.

Storage Usage
First 10 TB
Next 90 TB
Over 100 TB

** The monthly price is the estimated price based on the assumption that an instance or node operates for 730 hours per month.


The number of requests called to the bucket are categorized by the request types.

HTTP Request Methods
GET, SELECT and others

Data Transfer Fee

All data ingress (upload) is free of charge. The data egress fee (download) will be charged according to the table below. The tiered pricing will be recalculated monthly.

Data Usage (Download)
First 1 TiB
Next 49 TiB
Next 100 TiB
Next 350 TiB
Over 500 TiB

Pricing Example

In case that you need to store 25 TB of data with the 10,000 requests of PUT, COPY, POST, LIST and 20,000 requests of GET, SELECT and others, and your total data transfer usage of this month is 45 TiB. The price of this case has to be calculated as follows:

For storage usage :

  • First 10 TB
  • costs 0.77 THB x (10 x 1000GB) = 7,700 THB
  • Next 15 TB
  • costs 0.74 THB x (15 x 1000GB) = 11,100 THB

The total cost of storage usage is 7,700 + 11,100 = 18,800 THB.

For the request :

  • Requests of PUT, COPY, POST, LIST
  • cost 100,000/ 1,000 x 0.150 THB = 15 THB
  • Requests of GET, SELECT and others
  • cost 200,000/1,000 x 0.013 THB = 2.6 THB

The total cost of the request is 15 + 2.6 = 17.6 THB.

For the data transfer usage :

  • First 1 TiB
  • costs 2.31 THB x (1 x 1024 GiB) = 2,356.44 THB
  • Next 44 TiB
  • costs 2.18 THB x (44 x 1024 GiB) = 98,222.08 THB

The total cost of data transfer usage is 2,356.44 + 98,222.08 = 100,578.52 THB.

Therefore, the total bill of this month will be 18,800 + 17.6 + 100,578.52 = 119,396.12 THB.