NIPA Cloud Space Pricing

We offer you flexible and cost-effective cloud features designed to meet your requirements. With our pay-as-you-go pricing model, there is no need to budget for reserving resources that you might not use to their maximum capacity and it can be canceled anytime. In addition, our download and upload domestic bandwidth is free, which is highly beneficial for businesses in Thailand.

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Pricing Rates

public ip service

Public IP Service

A public IP service allows your instance to connect to the internet.

External IP

Pricing for the external IP must include both IP allocations (THB/hour) and the internet bandwidth usage (THB/GiB).

External IP for NCP-BKK and NCP-NON costs 135 THB/month* (0.19 THB/hour)

External IP for NCP-KKN costs 240 THB/month* (0.33 THB/hour)

*The monthly price is the estimated price based on the assumption that an instance or node operates for 730 hours per month.

Internet Bandwidth Usage Fee

The internet bandwidth usage fee depends on traffic direction as follows.

Domestic Bandwidth

Domestic bandwidth is the in-country traffic direction.

Domestic bandwidth usage is FREE of charge

International Internet Gateway (IIG) Bandwidth

The International Internet Gateway bandwidth usage will be charged according to the table below. The tiered pricing will be recalculated monthly.

Data Usage (Download)
First 1 TiB
Next 49 TiB
Next 100 TiB
Next 350 TiB
Over 500 TiB

Pricing Example

For international bandwidth usage, the price must include both IP allocations and International Internet Gateway (IIG) bandwidth.

In case you have 2 external IPs and your total international bandwidth usage is 12 TiB, the price will be calculated as follows:

The total cost of the external IPs will be

  • 2 external IPs
  • costs 2 x 0.18 THB = 2,356.44 THB

The total cost of the international bandwidth usage will be

  • First 1 TiB
  • costs 2.31 THB x (1 x 1024 GiB) = 2,354.44 THB
  • Next 11 TiB
  • costs 2.18 THB x (11 x 1024 GiB) = 24,555.52 THB

Therefore, the total cost of your external IPs with international bandwidth usage for the current hour will be 0.36 + (2,354.44 + 24,555.52) = 26,909.96 THB.


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