Run NIPA Cloud infrastructures on your site with all NIPA Cloud Space features available.

Cybedge is a system that allows you to install a cloud-supporting server at your own site and be able to use all NIPA Cloud Space features. Therefore, you can use the resources privately and select the server location based on your requirements, with the full support from NIPA Cloud experts.

  • Install your own managed private cloud anywhere.

  • Be able to use all NIPA Cloud Space features.

  • Support low latency applications and data residency.

  • Operation and support team are provided for server maintenance.

Cybedge is a system that allows you to install a cloud-supporting server at your own site and be able to use all NIPA Cloud Space features.




3 nodes of NIPA Cloud's Cybedge with 4 cores/8GB can accommodate 228 instances, and 10 nodes are the maximum per rack server. Our processing units support CPU AMD processors and can operate a variety of applications.

Block Storage

Block Storage

Our Cybedge uses NVME SSD to store data as a block storage. The storage can deliver over 1,000,000 IOPs and has the same capacity as the main site. Scaling can be done with no downtime. The snapshot and backup features are supported.



We provide fabric network for use in the Cybedge with low latency, which can connect to other NIPA Cloud Space's AZs and use as a hybrid cloud. In addition, you can connect to the ISP in order to access the public network.

Load Balancer

Load Balancer

Cybedge supports both standalone and High Availability load balancer with the same features as NIPA Cloud Space. (The resource is shared with the instance.)

How to apply and install Cybedge

1. Plan

Contact NIPA Clould Sales team to discuss about installing system plan.

2. Order

Order networking hardware (network).

3. Install

NIPA Cloud's engineer team installs the Cybedge.

4. Test

Do the internal test, then the UAT (User Acceptance Testing).

5. Training

Get training from our experts.

6. Receive Document

All documents are delivered to comfirm the work completion.

Package Model

You can select your Cybedge model with the minimum purchase of 2U server x 3 nodes = 6U servers and a maximum purchase of 10 nodes. You can add more data plane switch, OOB and IPMI switch, and router to meet your system requirements.

See the Cybedge's starter capacity below:

  • CPU AMD:
  • 304 x 3 nodes = 912 vCPU

  • Memory:
  • 900 x 3 nodes = 2700 GB

  • NVMe SSD:
  • 69 TB

  • OS DISK:
  • 2 x 480GB SSD with raid

  • NIC dual port PCI XXV710:
  • 25G

  • Data plane Switch:
  • 10G x 24 ports x 1 unit with Uplink SFP 1G/ 10G/ 40G

  • OOB and IPMI Switch:
  • 1G x 24 ports x 1 unit

  • Router Juniper:
  • MX204 x 1 unit

Additional Options

Apart from the minimum model, you can add the following hardwares as the system requires.

Data Plane Switch

  • Recommend: switch 10G x 24 ports x 2 units with Uplink SFP 1G /10G /40G
  • High performance: switch 25G x 24 ports x 2 units with Uplink SFP 10G/ 25G/ 40G/ 100G

OOB and IPMI Switch

  • Recommend: switch 1G x 24 ports x 2 units (for redundancy)


  • Recommend: Juniper MX204 x 2 units

If you would like to add more nodes, each rack server may accommodate up to 10 nodes. As more nodes are added, the total capacity will be as follows:


Upcoming Features

  • NAT Gateway
  • VPN Gateway
  • VPC Peering
  • Application Tag
  • DBaaS