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Object Storage

What is it ?

What is it ?

NIPA Cloud provides Object Storage for the internet storage systems. You can store and retrieve any amount of data anytime, anywhere, with high performance, reliable and scalable storage. Developers will get benefits from the easier web-scaling feature, data storage (videos, documents, web files, etc.) and accessibility from anywhere with S3 API.

Object storage is designed for unstructured data and object files. All data is stored in a bucket and supports multiple users. Storage of large datasets and unstructured data archiving, such as multimedia files, are suitable for backup and recovery.



  • Unlimited storage size that can be scalable without planning
  • Data can replicate to another zone, be accessed from the destination zone, reduce latency and provide more availability (coming soon)
  • Users pay only the used amount of storage (pay-per-use)
  • Complete control security that users can protect their sensitive data with ACL and policies
  • Public access that users can access data from anywhere
  • Easier software/tools operation due to its compatibility with S3 API
  • 100% of data stored in Thailand is under the PDPA law
  • High transfer rates and low latency for Thai customers

Main Features

S3 API & Client Compatible

Support S3 API which is a general use


Unlimited amount of storage

Bucket Policy

Control and management under the privacy policy

Object Versioning

Object versioning history allows users to restore the object's history

Access Control List (ACL) Management

Access Control List is for permission and access management


Manage Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) rules

DNS Usage

Use S3-style subdomains to access your bucket

Static Website

Hosting your static website by using object storage bucket

Lifecycle Management (Coming Soon)

Manage rules with predefined actions that you want to perform on objects during their lifetime.

Cold Tier Storage Class (Coming Soon)

Save prices by storing data in the archive storage class

Multiple Zones

Choose a nearby zone to store your data and replicate it across one or more destination zones for reduced latency, compliance, security, disaster recovery, and others.

Multiple Zone


The portal provides Self-Service so that users can manage their data. You will be able to see the list of buckets, manage users, replication, ACL, lifecycle, and show summary costs.

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